Ensuring Safe Skies with Advanced Monitoring and Secure UTM Solutions in Nigeria

Elint Systems is the provider of drone infrastructure designed for Military, Governmental and Commercial applications.

Unlock the Power of Drone Technologies with Elint Systems

Elint Systems is the provider of drone infrastructure designed for Military, Governmental and Commercial applications.

Unlock the sky's potential with our revolutionary drone infrastructure.

Our advanced drone solutions are changing the landscape across numerous fields, including construction, agriculture, environmental management, and more.


New Possibilities with the Latest Drone Technologies

Our business objective is centred at developing, producing and operating drone infrastructure as they are designed for information collection and exploration in Military, Governmental and Commerical applications.

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Explore the Possibilities with Drone Technologies

Clean Energy

On demand, we are able to provide on-grid or off-grid with hydrogen and/or electric and solar panel solutions.

Operating System w/ API

Proprietary OS that can digitize the station with communication API, drone API, or other applications such as the weather or Quantum keys

Triple Charging

Our stations can charge the drones in three different ways: Battery Swap, Wireless Charging, Contact Charging

Flight Control

Collaborate with civil aviation authorities to secure the airspace of cities by allowing only vetted drones for our stations

High Throughput

Our signature is the ability to build high-throughput drone infrastructure to maximize the operational efficiency. We systematically file patents for our R&D achievements


Don't just take our word for it.

Nick Thompson

CTO at Craftyworks

A Pathway to Greater Resiliency

I am a pilot and an engineer, and I have been working on drones for over 20 years now. Electronics has been integral to these machines, but the Elint Systems team has made them so much better. They are some of the most creative people in their field.

Ron Garrison

Lead Developer at Devworks

Great Use Cases

I have found Elint to be the best in their field. The products are innovative and offer excellent customer service. I would recommend Elint to anyone who is looking for a drone partner.

Ron Garrison

Lead Developer at Devworks

Best Drone Management System

Elint Systems has the best drone management system on the market. They provide you with updates and security from a central hub, and are always improving their technology.

Jack Bennington

CTO at TNT Solutions

Amazing Team

Proud to support that amazing team and vision of the mobility of the future with Starburst, changing the way innovation is done in aerospace.