Healthcare Delivery

Since Day 1 Elint has contributed to a healthier world. Decreasing healthcare delivery time 10x in cities, delivering vaccines, blood samples chemotherapy for a world where distance is no more a barrier to health.

Are you a hospital, laboratory, pharmacy, medical logistics company? get in touch and let us show you how we improve your economics and workforce needs.


A lower cost of delivery, a faster delivery, a reliable delivery. In times of inflation where time and money counts more than ever. Elint supports e-comerce companies in their development and offer full adaptation to their business.

We provide e-commerce companies proprietary or shared access to our network of stations. We also provide their customers a vertipad to receive the goods . with an unlimited reach, intra-logistics integration and full scalability e-commerce companies reach higher profitability.

Disaster Response

Flooding, wildfire, earthquake, drought, hurricanes...Humanity faces its biggest challenge with Elint stations we monitor, assess, warn, response and find survivors through SAR missions.

Are you a first responder, FEMA, city or state and worried about the population exposure to natural disaster? Get in touch and we will show you how we save lives beyond conventional intervention


We have always been cherished by Telecommunication companies. Working with AT&T, Altice, Nokia and more to deliver a safe access to internet and communication at the cheapest market deployment cost.

Are you working in the field of Telcos? are you looking to maximize your investment in 5G or prepare 6G? EVA gives you a low deployment cost associated with the demand of thousands of drone flights per day.

Food / Agriculture

Food price increases, scarcity, production issues, storage unavailability, lack of trucks and drivers...EVA helps so much closing the gaps between production and consumers.

Are you a ministry of agriculture, farm, food logistics company, food industry company. Get in touch and see how we increase agriculture yield, decrease logistics cost and