Our signature is the ability to build high-throughput drone infrastructure to maximize the operational efficiency.


Carry-on Landing Carpet

Our most compact product, Red Dot design award 2022, full of sensors for proximity management, computer equipped and part of Elint OS network. Just unfold it in front of your building and the drone will land precisely.

Multimodal Transfer Station

Drone Agnostic Transfer Station for Drone, Robots based Logistics and Drone Super highways

The Smart Station is a transfer modular station able to connect drone, robots and other electric powered vehicles. A key element in Elint construction of Drone Super Highways. Already installed in many cities around the world.

Vertical Station

Drone Agnostic Drone Station- Enabling More Secure, Operational and Scalable Drone Operations

Our patented high throughput drone stations allow you to host up to 24 drones. its architecture is flexible and you can also set up a full command and control enter inside. The station has been sent all around the world and is a hub for any drone super highway.


Drone Agnostic Drop-Off Station for Drone-Based Logistics

For drones with a large wingspan and lower accuracy in landing, a full EASA/FAA compliant station with ground control station associated. Weather station, AC, computing, communications, energy...operate your drone operations safely.

Drone Van

Mobile Drone Launch, Operation and control center

Where Drones meet Mobile solution. With Elint drone vans, bring the core of your drone operations whenever and wherever need. For safety, security, disaster relief, logistics and more.